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Swanlea Sixth Form Extension


Client: London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Contract: JCT SBC 2011
Value £1.2Million
Summer 2015


Design and build new sixth form extension to Swanlea Academy including refurbishment of part of old school. New boilers, chlorifers forced ventilation and cooling plus landscaping to external areas Works were taken place in a busy occupied school and directly adjacent a major cross rail project, meaning that the logistics of this project were particularly difficult because of the deep excavations happing at the same time on site New CCTV and IP addressed security systems were installed and integrated into the existing systems along with upgrades to the sites BMS The building was cladded in Siberian Larch wood, the stairs were manufactured from European Oak with the internal cladding in Birch faced ply, sprayed to comply with class “o” fire retardency We are currently working with the School looking into booster sets to increase water pressure to the existing building and looking.

swanlea_6th_form-4091-copy     swanlea_6th_form-4122-copy     swanlea_6th_form-4163-copy

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